If you are BUYING a home, having inspections are not only for peace of mind, but also to learn about your new home and understand the maintance going forward.

As a buyer you can't expect a home to be delivered like new construction. Inspections are not a punch list for all items to be fixed.

However if major problems are discovered that need fixed, then that is a different issue. Inspections can be a second round of negotiations between buyers and sellers if major flaws are discovered during this process.

Also please don't expect to ask for repairs on items that you knew about when you looked at the home as a inspection response, this should be done up front when you make the offer. Please remember to review the Sellers Disclosures prior to making the offer. If you see an issue prior to making the offer then you could adjust your offer price accordingly and/or address the issue with the seller. 

As a buyer you will be expected to pay for any inspections that you would like to have completed.

If you are SELLING your home, you can choose to have inspections done prior to listing. This is not a requirement, however, if you do have inspections, then there shouldn't be any surprises when selling your home which releaves stress on both sides of the transaction.

Sellers stand to save big when it comes time for a buyer to write the offer becuase buyers see the listing side as the authority on the property which in turn conveys credibility, expertise, transparancy and integrity within the process.

This would truely be a full disclosure: with a whole house inspection you will receive a full report on the condition of the home which you can then decide what needs fixed/repaired for the next owners, and can also choose to show the potential buyers the maintenance you have completed prior to selling your home.  

If you are BUYING or SELLING I always incourage inspections, they are not mandatory, but are part of the state purchase agreement.

There are several options available for you, from whole house inspections to radon, termite, well & septic.

Please feel free to contact me and I can suggest several local licensed experts that you can speak with regarding any questions you may have regarding inspections.